The freeway can be an inconvenient and potentially dangerous place to break down or get involved in a car accident.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to put your hazard lights on and pull over into the emergency lane when safe to do so.

Now, it’s time to organise a Perth tow truck company to professionally tow your car from the scene.

Want to know more about towing on the freeway?

Find out your rights and responsibilities from the Perth tow truck company, Performance Towing, by reading on.


Know your rights

After a breakdown or vehicle accident on the freeway (or anywhere else), it’s essential to know that you have rights following these unfortunate events.

So, what are your rights following a vehicle accident or breakdown on the freeway?

  • You decide who will tow your vehicle
  • You ultimately decide where your vehicle will be towed
  • You can contact anyone prior to signing the towing authorisation form on where you would like to tow the vehicle to (note that some insurers will be provided on the towing authorisation form)
  • The right to receive a copy of the towing authorisation form from the tow truck driver, which includes the contact details of the tow truck operator tasked with towing your vehicle
  • You’re allowed to refuse to accept a tow for any reason (such as the tow truck not being suitable for your vehicle).
  • You can receive a quote for the cost of the tow truck service from the tow truck driver.

Keeping cool, calm and collected during these frustrating and sometimes even frightful experiences is always recommended. Now, let’s explore your responsibilities.


Know your responsibilities

Knowing your rights is one thing, knowing your responsibilities though, is just as important.

What are your responsibilities after a vehicle breakdown or accident on the freeway?

  • As the owner/driver of the vehicle in question, your main responsibility is to authorise a Perth tow truck driver of your choosing, to tow your vehicle.
  • If not a breakdown, but an accident – you must report the accident to the WA Police, and call/get somebody else to call an ambulance if you or others are injured.
  • It’s also your responsibility to ensure the destination to which you want your vehicle towed to is on the form, and all other details are correct
  • Sign the towing authorisation form, and ensure the tow truck driver has completed all sections of the form, signed it and provided you with a copy to keep
  • If your vehicle is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, it’s your responsibility to check if the towing fee is covered in the claim, by contacting your insurance provider.


Help is never far away

If or when you’re involved in a vehicle breakdown or accident on the freeway, know that help is never far away.

Performance Towing are dedicated to client safety, care and professional towing services for all vehicles.


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