When you first call a Perth 24-hour towing service, they may not be able to give you an upfront estimate of the cost of a towing job. It is difficult to determine the final cost of a breakdown towing job in Perth without considering many factors.  


Towing is essential nowadays. It is impossible to predict when a car will stop working, which can leave drivers stranded on the road for many hours. In such situations, heavy equipment hauling, and towing companies can come to your aid and help you get out of your situation as quickly as possible.  

Most people have a misconception that towing is an expensive service, and as a result, they try to call a friend for a tow rather than the professionals when they need towing in Perth. However, this is not true. Many towing companies can provide affordable, quick, and reliable towing services.  

At Performance Towing, we are available for 24-hour towing in Perth. When requiring our service, you should be aware of some factors that can affect your towing costs. Continue reading to learn more about these factors.  




How far does the tow truck need to travel to reach you? From there, how far is your towing destination? You can expect to pay more for Perth emergency towing services if you travel a greater distance. For all types of tows, mileage charges apply. The hook-up fee is usually only for the first few kilometres.  




It’s not just about the distance involved in towing. Towing services will cost less if your vehicle can be accessed easily than if it is difficult to reach. You might need to get your vehicle towed if it is stuck in a ditch or on a narrow stretch of road. To tackle such problems, you will need more equipment and people. Additionally, hooking up will take longer. These factors can all lead to a higher cost.  


Time of Day 


This case shows that labour costs and the time of day are closely linked. You might be charged more if you call a Perth emergency towing service during the night. Towing companies are required to pay more to workers who work overnight or late at night. Their salaries are adjusted by the towing costs. If you call them at night, you will be charged more than if it were during the day.  

  Most companies will charge a holiday rate for towing services, which is usually a little more than the standard fee.  


Vehicle Size  


The cost of the towing service will also depend on the type of vehicle. Heavy-duty hauls are usually more expensive than light or medium tows. Heavy-duty vehicles often require special equipment and tow trucks. Therefore, nearly all towing companies charge by the type of vehicle.  


Vehicle Status  


If your vehicle is in good condition, it will make it easier for the crew at the towing service company. However, if your vehicle is in poor condition, such as after an accident, it may be difficult to tow without additional equipment and workers. This will result in a more expensive charge. Other issues include a flat or cracked tire, broken windows, large tires, or a low profile.  


Vehicle Maintenance Costs  


Towing vehicles can be costly and require regular maintenance. Companies must pay for their start-up expenses, insurance premiums, as well as maintenance costs. All these costs add up. A portion of the final towing cost for every customer is covered.  


Other Considerations  


Find out what your policy covers. Many insurers only cover the reasonable cost of towing your vehicle from an accident site to the nearest repair shop. Check your insurance policy for information about what to do in the event of an accident.  

The first tow truck that arrives on the scene doesn’t have the right to tow your car. You can decide who tows it and where. You have the option of having your car towed to a repairer, your home, a storage unit, or a destination as instructed by your insurer. It is worth considering having your car towed to your house. This will give you the time you need to talk with your insurer and make decisions without feeling under pressure.  

It is important to understand which factors could affect your towing bill so that you don’t get into any disputes when it is time to pay. Many towing companies will offer you affordable rates and effective services at the same time.  

Because these fees aren’t regulated in WA, towing companies may set their own storage and towing fees. It is important to verify the cost of towing and storage before you sign any agreement.  


Read the Small Print


Tow truck drivers must provide you with a completed standard Authority to Tow form to sign before they tow your car following an accident. The driver must give you a copy and keep it for 12 months.     

The Authority to Tow Form must contain specific information such as:  

  • Where will your vehicle be moved?  
  • Your name and address   
  • Number plate and make  
  • Details about the tow-truck driver  
  • The number plate of the tow truck.  

Although it is not required by law that you include this cost in your form, you should request it to be added before you sign.  

Tow truck drivers can’t intimidate or use unjustified tactics to get you to sign an Authority to Tow Form.  

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