Stuck on the side of the road after a car breakdown? Had a minor vehicle accident and need to move your vehicle safely, in a timely manner? While your family member, friend or colleague may have your good intentions at heart by offering to tow your vehicle to another location, it’s worth considering your other options.

DIY towing can pose more dangers than it’s worth.

Want to take a look at the dangers of DIY towing for yourself?

Find out what they are with the Perth tow truck company, Performance Towing, to find out.


Lack of torque knowhow

Torque refers to the degree in which a vehicle will rotate whilst it’s being towed.

For example, have you seen a person towing a boat or trailer on a wet, wild and windy day? You might just notice how the boat or trailer being towed sways from side to side.

This becomes even more noticeable if the towing vehicle is driving on an elevated stretch of road, such as a hill.

The very concept and of course, reality of torque can be dangerous to well-intentioned people who aren’t used to it. Let’s just say, having a friend or acquaintance tow your vehicle, or you are doing the same for them by means of a rope, the greatest risk you may experience Is that very rope snapping.

To put it simply, not being mindful of torque during DIY towing can create far more trouble than it’s worth.


Inexperience comes into play

An-A frame isn’t actually a part of a car. Instead, it’s a frame joined to the front of a car that allows another vehicle to tow it, without needing to control the car directly.

Professional Perth towing companies use an A-frame to connect their vehicle to a car, truck, van or SUV that has broken down and/or needs to be moved.

You’ll find there are legal restrictions that come into play for A-frames and DIY towing, across many different countries.


  • Because if the A-frame isn’t secured to the vehicle being towed, it can break away during transit.
  • This will only wreak havoc on the road, making your acquaintance who insisted on DIY towing as the driver themselves, ultimately responsible.


Road rules ignored

Towing is a highly specialised task. Little do well-intentioned, DIY towers know, that even the slightest procedural guideline is ignored, this can put lives at risk.

As such, towing shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor left in the hands of DIY amateurs.

Professional Perth tow truck drivers go through rigorous training, have the superior skillset and are backed by industry experience to get vehicles to where they need to be fast, safe and hassle-free.


Rely on a professional Perth tow truck company instead

The dangers of DIY towing, from the inconvenience, the stress and most importantly, the potential for lives to be at risk simply isn’t worth it.




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