Driving can be a difficult job. You need to be careful. Your life and that of your passengers could be at risk if you make a wrong turn. There are many truck accidents that you might have witnessed while driving. Many car accidents can lead to tragic outcomes. However, truck collisions can prove fatal and lead to horrific deaths. 


Safety is key when driving alongside large trucks. Even though truck and car towing in Perth is our business, we would prefer if accidents didn’t happen in the first place. So here are some tips that can prevent accidental towing in Perth with trucks.  


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You shouldn’t cut them off 


Trucks are generally slower than the rest. Their overall weight increases when they are fully loaded. Traffic rules mandate that drivers drive slowly. Avoid speeding up if you are in front of a truck. Truck drivers who attempt to pass trucks cause most accidents. If you don’t have a clear view, don’t overtake trucks. It’s safer to drive slowly and not risk your life. You shouldn’t let the truck driver get too close. 


Avoid their blind spots  


Trucks have large blind spots. Truck drivers don’t have the ability to see beyond those blind spots so passing from them could result in an accident. Passing a truck is best done from the driver’s side, as the blind spots on their passenger side are larger. The truck driver will not be able see you if you pass from the passenger’s perspective. 


Don’t break suddenly  


Trucks are much heavier than cars and have greater inertia. Because they are heavier than cars, trucks find it more difficult to turn quickly. Avoid abruptly using your car brakes if you are in front of a truck, it could cause a serious accident. Trucks are more inertia than cars, so they can’t stop suddenly and could bump into you. 


Give them space 


Trucks take longer than cars to slow down and avoid obstacles. You should keep a safe distance between trucks and you when you’re following them. If you closely follow a truck and they experience a blowout or lose control, you could get into an accident. If a truck must turn, keep your distance. Trucks generally need two lanes for turning. A truck can sometimes flip over when turning due to uneven weight distribution. So, you should keep your distance to avoid a collision. 


Be cautious of loose tires 


Sometimes, truck tires can become loose. Trucks that have lost a tire can still drive. However, these tires can be dangerous at high speeds. They could hit your windshield, causing you to become distracted or even surprised and causing you to lose control of your vehicle. 


Identify aggressive, intoxicated, or drowsy drivers 


It is best to slow down if a truck is speeding or driving erratically. Avoid driving behind a truck as the driver could suddenly stop, cause a collision, or trigger a multi-vehicle accident. If a truck is traveling at an unsafe speed, or in a strange direction, it is best to get away from it and not to follow the route it is going. 


Avoid Distraction 


It is important to avoid distractions while driving. Any distraction, whether it’s your phone or changing a song can cause a fatal accident. This applies to all drivers, not just those driving trucks. These accidents are often caused by distracted drivers. 


Book a defensive driver course 


A defensive driving course is available to all road users. Older drivers who have been driving in the same manner for 30+ years are often the most likely to benefit. Although defensive driver courses are focused on driver attitude and risk management, they cover all aspects of safe driving including speed awareness and braking techniques. 


And what if the worst does happen …  


These tips will help you stay safe around large rigs. Accidents can happen. In such instances, follow the below steps and call Performance Towing will help. 



Protect yourself and others 


It is likely that you are in shock after a car accident. Assess yourself first and determine if you have any injuries. You should be feeling fine and not suffering from any serious injuries. Then, check on the other passengers in your vehicle and see how they are doing. To avoid speeding cars, pull to the side of your car if you are able. Once everyone is stable, you can safely exit the car and check for oncoming traffic. Then you can start checking on other cars. You should call 000 immediately if someone isn’t okay. You should not assume that you are fine just because you appear okay. 


Document The Crash as Best as Possible 


This is something that many people overlook, but it is crucial to document the crash as best you can. It is important to take photos as soon and safely as possible. You should also try to find the contact information for any witnesses. It can be difficult to make insurance claims. You want as much evidence as possible. You should exchange information with all parties involved. Keep it professional, but don’t say anything that could be used to incriminate someone if you aren’t sure. If it wasn’t polite to say sorry, or that it was your fault, don’t. 




You should call the police if the damage is severe enough to require towing in Perth. To file an insurance claim for accident towing, you will need a police number. The best Perth accident towing companies are quick to respond and can deal with people who are in shock. To give accurate information, it is important to know where you are before calling. You may also be eligible for benefits from a 24-hour Perth towing agency if your insurance covers you. 


Performance Towing is here to help. We cover most areas of Perth and there is no upfront cost because we bill your insurance company directly. If you’ve been in an accident and need a 24-hour Perth towing company,  call us straight away, any time of the day or night.