Everything you need to know before you tow.

You can experience a lot when driving, with accidents and collisions being the most serious. You will need to tow your vehicle to a local repair shop if your car becomes unsafe to drive after a collision or accident. Aside from the above, running low on gas, a flat tire, or a dead battery are all the reasons to call a towing service or roadside assistance.  

It is important to be familiar with your rights as a customer of towing and what to expect when our driver arrives to tow your vehicle. 


Make Sure You’re Out of Harm’s Way


Turn on your hazard lights and move away from traffic. Other drivers will be able to see your car if you have hazard lights on, especially in heavy rain or at night. Your car should be in good driving condition. If it is not, you must move it to the emergency lane or to the side of the road for emergency towing in Perth. If a disabled vehicle is left in the middle or on the road, it can cause more damage. If you can’t get it off the main road and are unable to move it, please leave it behind and find a safe place. 


Check if you Have a Roadside Safety Kit


If you are familiar with roadside assistance and have the necessary skills to help with breakdown towing in Perth, you may be able to jump-start your car to move it to a safe place. Many roadside safety kits include spare oil, reflectors, jumper cables, spanners, litres of water and other basic tools. These tools can be sufficient to handle an overheated engine or dead battery. 

However, you should always call us for help if your car isn’t working or you have a problem with emergency towing in Perth. 


Inform Authorities


In the case of a large accident, once you are clear, you can take out your phone to call 000. The quicker the police arrive; they will be able to block traffic and take over the situation. You can call 000 to alert emergency responders so that injured people get the care they need. The police will also make a report on the scene. This helps determine who is at fault and who will pay the cost. 


Call Your Insurance Company 


Take a moment to recover from the collision and then call your insurer, even if it is not open during normal business hours. Your insurer can provide guidance on what you should do next. They will be able to advise you about reasonable towing costs and ensure your vehicle is fixed quickly. Sometimes, your insurance will refer you directly to the preferred repair facility and pick up your car. 

If your insurer is not available, your vehicle can be towed to a repair shop using Performance Towing for 24-hour towing in Perth. 


Check if Your Vehicle Requires Towing 


If you’re in an accident, you may instinctively want to get your vehicle towed. You may be able to drive your vehicle from the accident site. Make sure to inspect the condition of your vehicle before you make any decisions. The following questions are important: 

  • Are all your mirrors in good condition? 
  • Do you have any fluid leaks in the vehicle? 
  • Are you happy with the way that the steering and brakes feel? 
  • Are the headlights and taillights still working? 


If you cannot answer these questions with a certain “yes,” then your vehicle should be towable to a repair shop. 


Prepare Your Car for Towing


While you wait for the tow trucks, make sure that your car is safe to be towed. It is important to take detailed photographs of the wreckage and the scene where the collision occurred. These photos will help you in your legal case. Also, take out all expensive or valuable items before giving us access to your vehicle. 


Double-check the Arriving Tow Truck


Tow trucks are often parked at the side of roads and quickly reach the accident site to make new business. Double-check that the truck arriving at your location is indeed from the company that you ordered it from. Be cautious and avoid causing more damage to an already damaged vehicle. 


Completing Paperwork and Check Costs


You are required to receive an itemised invoice from the tow driver. This is not a work order or blank contract. Once you have told us the destination of your tow, we can give you a final price. 

After an accident, a car can be towed to a tow yard, a mechanic, or your home. The extent of the accident or damage will determine the destination. Talk to us to find out where your car will be taken and if there are any additional fees. We will always give you information upfront about where to tow your car after an accident, so this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Finally, verify the cost and ensure you are happy with the total. Be aware that rates can vary from one area to the next.  


Retain the Receipt


You should keep your towing receipt with you. If you have towing coverage, your insurance company will require that you provide the receipt. 

Keep calm throughout the process and take all safety precautions. We will take care of your vehicle if you are involved in an accident in the Perth area. Performance Towing offers a five-star, twenty-four-hour emergency towing service in Perth as well as genuine customer support. We are here to help!  

Performance Towing provides more than just general towing. We also provide roadside assistance, specialty and high-end towing, as well as vehicle salvage and recovery. For prompt assistance, contact us!