There are many ifs, but’s and maybe’s when it comes to what to include and omit from your car insurance. After all, the frequency and way you use your car isn’t going to be the same as the next person.

One such consideration to make when looking up, purchasing or switching car insurance is this:

Should you add towing to your car insurance?

Surprisingly, not many insurance companies automatically provide coverage for towing vehicles. It’s good to know this before you get stuck on the side of the road.

The ultimate decision is up to you, but let’s take a look at why including towing in your car insurance is a good idea. Find out with Performance Towing below.


What is towing coverage?

Towing services don’t exist for car crashes alone. Unfortunately, it’s unexpected vehicle breakdowns due to mechanical failure that catch many motorists off guard.

You can’t always rely on family or friends to pick you up when your car breaks down.

Towing coverage provides peace of mind at the very least when driving on unknown or remote roads.

Roadside assistance often covers towing, but it’s not as comprehensive as often believed. Essentially, the more comprehensive product you choose, the more chance of towing coverage being included.

Confused? Don’t be shy to ask the right questions to your car insurance company or shop around.


The many benefits of adding towing to your car insurance policy

Opting for roadside assistance and other towing coverage related policies eventually pay for themselves by offering excellent protection from the hazards on our daily commutes.

An accident or breakdown can cause high levels of stress.


However, by having towing added to your car insurance you receive:

  • Immediate service

Because of your coverage your vehicle will get towed away, straight away.

  • Towing assistance 24/7

Breakdowns and car crashes don’t exclusively occur between 9-5. Contact your insurer and provide details about your situation and then contact a trusted Perth tow truck company to arrange fast and reliable towing services.

  • Priceless peace of mind

It’s easy to make a claim through your insurer. It’s also easy to deal with Performance Towing. We’ll take your vehicle to your insurer’s preferred repairer or your requested destination in accordance with the insurance agreement.

In a sticky situation, peace of mind is priceless.

Compare different car and vehicle insurance quotes before you commit to ensure you’re well informed before agreeing to anything.


Performance towing is here to help

Performance Towing are here to help. We strongly recommend adding towing to your car insurance to save time and hassle if/when you and your car get into a pickle.

You’re in capable and competent hands with Performance Towing WA’s emergency and breakdown service. If you’re not at fault, we’ll even arrange a free loan car to ensure safe and secure transportation from the scene.


Looking for a safe, reliable and fully insured tow truck in Perth?

The search is over. Contact Performance Towing today for safe, reliable and no up-front cost options for your towing needs.