Motorists across Australia and the world utilise towing services every day. While everyday folk call upon tow truck companies for mechanical breakdowns and car accidents, there’s differences in service offerings out there that go far beyond minor and major car accidents.

Performance Towing provide expert 24/7 towing services across Perth and are on hand for non-accident vehicle transports and routine vehicle transportation, too.

Want to know what the differences are between accident and breakdown towing?

Find out with the Perth tow truck company, Performance Towing, by reading on.


What is breakdown towing?

Breakdown towing, otherwise referred to as “Trade Towing” is classified as non-accident vehicle towing undertaken for hire or reward.

For example, if your vehicle breaks down somewhere and you’re not covered by RAC roadside assistance, you can call a reputable Perth tow truck operator to tow away your vehicle.


Want to know if Performance Towing caters to your vehicle? We tow:

  • Motorbikes
  • Scooters
  • Campervans
  • Drag cars
  • Trucks
  • Utes
  • Vans

So, it’s very likely we can be of service!

Help is on the way if your vehicle breaks down anywhere within the Perth metropolitan area. You just need to find the right and reputable tow truck company in Perth the first time around.



What is accident towing?

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident or has your vehicle been damaged in another way? You require accident towing. Car accidents are unexpected and unnerving for the best of us.

So, knowing who to call in the unfortunate event of one happening to you, can make the event a little easier (if it ever happens to you).

Remember, accident towing can only legally be completed by a licenced tow truck company.


What are the other requirements?

  • These tow trucks must be licensed and issues with a TOW or HTT number plate.
  • All of the tow truck drivers and passengers (not including customers) who attend accident scenes must be accredited.

When you call Performance Towing directly from the scene of the accident and you’re not at fault, we can arrange a loan car for you, free of charge.

After all, you have enough to worry about if you’re involved in a car accident. Let the team at Performance Towing handle your vehicle towing as straightforward and easy as possible, with no upfront costs as we bill your insurer direct.


Performance Towing go above and beyond

Throughout all areas of Perth, if you need professional towing fast – you can always rely on Performance Towing.

Did you know we offer more than accident and breakdown towing services across Perth?

Performance Towing are the specialists in hotspot transport, too for the all-important mining, oil and gas industries. Our extensive fleet of vehicles ensures there’s no consignment too big or small. We have the right vehicle for you and your business needs.

Your security, safety and satisfaction are always our top priority across the entire process.


Looking for professional towing services in Perth?

Contact Performance Towing today for fast, affordable and reliable vehicle towing across Perth.