Roadside breakdowns and emergencies happen to the best of us. When they do, you can try to rely on friends and family for a lift, or you can turn to trusted professionals, a tow truck company.

The latter is the easy solution – to save you frustration, anxiety and the possibility of family/friend favours down the track.

Want to know more advantages of professional towing? Find out with the Perth tow truck company, Performance Towing by reading on.


We’ll keep your vehicle in good condition

Sure, your friend or family member towing away your car on their own may seem like the cheaper, stress-free option. But can you guarantee your car will stay in good condition?

You’ll also find choosing to push your car to a destination that’s ‘only a few streets away,’ will do more harm than good.

How professional towing makes all the difference:

  • We have the right tools and equipment needed to transport vehicles safely
  • Coupled with the experience, skills and knowledge on how to do so.

The result? No (further) damage to your car. After all, why would you want to increase your risk anyway?


Reduce frustration

There’s few things worse than an unexpected breakdown or worse, car accident.

Car troubles prove frustrating for even the calmest and collected of us, and rightly so. It could be peak hour, you could be running late, having a bad day, have screaming children in the car or if you’re unlucky, all four!

This is where in times of sudden engine trouble or otherwise, and you’re far away from a petrol station or automotive repair shop, a professional tow truck is the answer.


  • We can safely and quickly get your vehicle loaded up off the road and out of the way
  • Relieve your unexpected car worries by delivering the vehicle (and yourself, if needed) to a trustworthy auto repair shop in the area.

With our experience and knowledge, we’ll be able to set your mind at ease, communicating a plan of action that’s prompt, cost-effective and always professional.

With our assistance, the frustrations caused by sudden unexpected events will decrease dramatically.


At your service around the clock

Roadside breakdowns and accidents don’t always occur between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. You’ll naturally find that they occur during peak hour (to or from work), or the dead of night.

Performance Towing, the trusted Perth tow truck company, is open for business, ready to be at service 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week, every single day of the year.

Prompt service is our priority and promise to you. So, if you have a busy lifestyle where time is always of the essence, our professional towing services will make the entire process a lot easier for you.


You can rely on Performance Towing

While it’s true not all tow truck services are created equally, you don’t have to worry about the professionalism of Performance Towing. We’re transparent and experienced and the trustworthy towing company to turn to when you need a helping hand.



Need professional towing in Perth?

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