Have you never used a towing service before?

Well then, you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve likely never experienced a sudden car breakdown or car crash. However, if you do in the future – it’s important to know what you should do, and who to call in what can be a high stress situation.

Professional tow truck companies such as the team and fleet at Performance Towing are here to keep you safe and satisfied above all.

So, if you’ve never used a towing service before, we’ve compiled 4 tips for first time users.

Read more from the Perth tow truck experts to find out what they are.


  1. Ensure your safety and security at all times

In the event that your vehicle breaks down on a busy road (it happens more times than one would like to think), transport your vehicle to the safest possible nearby spot.

This means steering your car to the shoulder of the road, or emergency lane on the freeway before calling for emergency towing.

If this is by no means possible, turn on your hazard lights, remain inside your vehicle and call for help.


  1. Inform your Perth tow truck company to the best of your ability

Upon safely securing your vehicle and taking a deep breath, try your very best to detail your situation over the phone to the tow truck staff. This will enable us to help you accordingly.

Outline the following:

  • Location (including nearby landmarks)
  • What has happened (a breakdown or car crash)
  • Any obstructions that may prevent your vehicle from moving or getting accessed
  • Advise if you know (or think) the breakdown is due to a flat battery or no petrol.

All of the above, necessary information will ensure your local, reputable Perth tow truck company of choice, will:

  • Make the right preparations
  • Bring the correct tools and equipment
  • And of course, select the right tow truck to complete the task.


  1. Call a local loved one

At Performance Towing, we can arrange safe and efficient transport in the form of a complimentary Uber ride home or to a desired location.

We even have a family-friendly tow truck, complete with a baby seat to ensure any children in the broken down or damaged vehicle get home, safely.

However, it’s always still a good idea to call a local loved one, if not for a lift, then to at least let them know you’re okay.


  1. Know what tow truck company to call

If you’re stuck in a pickle, it’s invaluable to know who to call, the first time around.

Keep calm and keep yourself grounded. Calling upon a reputable, professional Perth tow truck company that’s well-regarded by real customers.

Performance Towing is committed to putting your safety first at the scene and handling all queries and concerns efficiently and respectfully.

Our range of Perth towing services are affordable and stress-free as can be.

We’re here to help in sticky situations.



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