Need something urgently transported in the oil & gas industry?


You require a Shark Bay pipe, dangerous goods in Carnarvon, a replacement part in Port Headland or another item urgently. Performance Towing will take care of all your transport needs to and from the Gascoyne/Kimberley/Pilbara regions.  


Performance Towing is hotshot specialists who have set a new standard in a highly competitive market. We are the choice of hundreds of satisfied customers for all their mining hotshot needs. We have the procedures, vehicles, and policies that will ensure that your freight arrives at its destination on time and to the highest safety standards.  


We aren’t a “transport giant” so we can offer 24/7 service. We have no time restrictions so we can collect whenever we want. And once we are on the road, we will drive non-stop with two drivers. We understand the need for a tight delivery window, and you won’t believe how quick our delivery times are. We can get a replacement part to Karratha in about 16-18hrs, rather than 2-3 days. While your pipeline can arrive in Exmouth in 9hrs, rather than 1-2 days.  


Even though we are lightning fast, the most stringent safety standard remains our minimum commitment. We are fully compliant with OHS and use certified fatigue management strategies for each trip.  


You are a business owner searching for reliable and professional Hotshot specialist towing in Perth to transport heavy machinery and shipping containers. Perth towing company, Performance Towing will be the right choice.  


What is hotshot transport?  


Hotshot trucking refers to the transport of smaller amounts of freight by using a flatbed trailer and a medium-duty pickup truck. Hotshot trucking is often a cost-effective and time-saving option for shippers who usually send freight by less-than-truckload or partial truckload methods.  


Our hotshot specialist service is an urgent, direct courier service that we offer to clients specialising in the civil and mining industries. When our customers need specialist equipment and materials right away, we’re able to get them from A to B with our trademark speed, reliability, and safety.  


Hotshot transport different trailers and trucks


Mining hotshot is successful because they have the right trucks and trailers. The hotshot trucking industry has seen positive results from trailers, in addition to the many truck options.  


Hotshot trucks can be attached to trailers depending on the freight’s weight. This makes it easier for the truck to be delivered. Hotshot trucks can choose from a variety of trailers, including the lowboy, flatbed, and step deck trailers. Specialized trailers are best for transporting special materials and equipment.  


All delivery vehicles have been fitted to “mine-spec” specifications. They can be used in restricted areas. Your package will be safe thanks to reflective striping, first aid kits, and two-way radios.  


Trailer types required for hotshot transportation


Hotshot transportation trailers come in many types. The best one will fit your truck and cargo. Here’s a breakdown of Perth towing company, Performance towing’s different trailer types and how they can be used effectively.  


Both civilian and business drivers commonly use bumper-puller trailers. These trailers are simple to operate, and most people know how to use them. They are generally shorter than a gooseneck. The combined weight of your truck and the bumper pull should not exceed 10,001 lbs so you don’t need a commercial driver’s license. They can only carry a limited amount of material, so consider the types of parcels you will be hauling before buying a more expensive trailer. To make matters worse, heavier bumper pulls will mean that your truck will have to take on more responsibility. If your vehicle is not properly weighted, you may experience issues such as lack of stability, loss of control, and trailer swinging.  


Gooseneck trailers can be used by more experienced drivers. Goosenecks work well for larger freights and are capable of handling uneven roads. They have a tighter turning radius and stability which makes them ideal for transporting large cargo. Gooseneck hotshots trailers usually measure 40 feet. You can transport more freight with longer trailers, but some states may have restrictions. Because of their size, commercial gooseneck trailer loads can be considered commercial. Additional training and certification are required. This trailer would suit anyone serious about hauling.  


 The deck over trailers is a great option for drivers who want to be able to drive fast and can be used commercially as well as recreationally. These trailers are ideal for long hauls (tractors, cars etc.). The wider deck and absence of good wheels means that you will have ample space for lots of stuff and can transport more items in one trip. Because the deck is lower than the ground, the ramps will be smaller. Although this isn’t a problem, it can affect the way you load and unload your trailer as well as how they are supported and locked while you travel.  


Because of their low centre gravity, Lowboys offer the best stability for heavy loads. This means most equipment can pass all state height restrictions. It is easiest to unload large, track-type equipment from this trailer, as it lies flat on the ground when it is removed from your truck. However, there is not enough deck space. The trailer can only hold so much cargo at once. Although you might be able to stack very large equipment on the trailer you may only be capable of accommodating one. This severely restricts the cargo you can transport.  


Don’t waste another second


Perth towing company, Performance Towing is the Perth hotshot specialist operating a fleet of modern vehicles that are purposely designed around getting urgent freight delivered safely and quickly. No matter where you live, no matter how small or large your consignment, we will respond immediately. Contact our team today to see how we can assist you.