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Performance Towing Reviews

Great guys that care more about crash victims over getting to tow your car… If you see a Performance Tow Truck after an incident you know your in good hands…


Best tow company in Perth.


My 2 front tyres blew out on the FWY due to crap wheel alignment. Rang the RAC, took too long to answer, Colin from Performance Towing saw me on the side of of the FWY and pulled over to organise a tow with team member Gavin to get 2 wheels so I’d be able to drive around till I fix my other tyres. Great service, great price & a good bunch of lads, 100% recommend!


Duncan’s service can only be described as “above and beyond” can’t believe how professional these guys are. 10/10 very happy with PTWA.


Amazing people!! Wouldn’t choose a better tow company these guys are a 10/10 performance all the way.


Performance Towing is one of the most trusted towing companies in Perth. Don’t hesitate to contact us for accident towing, insurance towing or towing of your performance vehicle. Available 24 hours a day.